Transforming Inner Disturbances into Strengths

Imagine the weight of negative thoughts, self-destructive impulses, troublesome behaviors, and dark emotions lifting off your shoulders.  It may seem far-fetched to think that your inner disturbances could simply go away, but why couldn’t they? What keeps them around?

Dr. Dan Booth Cohen helps people understand and dissolve their inner disturbances using a process known as Systemic Family Constellations. Constellations are a deep, profound and moving way to expand understanding and restore peace of mind.

The major insight of this approach is that at the root of problems are ancestral traumas that reverberate through a family system. A Constellation views these problems as messages to be seen and heard.  When these messages are clearly understood, the disturbance is transformed.

Using intelligence, heart, intuition, and humor, Dan offers his clients profound, often transformative healing.  Click here to schedule an appointment via phone or Skype.


Three Dimensions of Consciousness

A Family Constellation is an experiential process that starts with you and a specific issue or problem. Instead of talking about the problem or trying to solve it with our thinking mind, the Constellation opens a space of stillness and silence that activates awareness of three dimensions of consciousness: personal, inherited and spiritual.

You and I enter this space together. First, we connect with our breath. Then, I open the gates of my heart to you.  In a minute or two, we begin to feel. Emotions arise and memories stir.  Unlike a therapist, who remains outside your process, I tune in with you. Together, we pick up a thread that traces from this moment into the distant past, to the root, the source of your issue in the history of your biological past.

Constellations are alchemy. In the mind-space, where memories and images come alive, a powerful transformation occurs. You feel the presence of an ancestor whose trauma is at the root. When they are seen, acknowledged and honored for what they endured, the thread of trauma dissolves. In its place comes a feeling of love and connection. This is the transformation. This is alchemy.